Experienced toolmakers and moulders, Cybertools offers technically driven services to deliver the highest standard of plastic injection mould tools and moulded parts.

Exacting quality control at every stage, and with experts in all aspects of a product life cycle, our team and state-of-the-art facilities gives your project a great start to its life, from concept and design through to production and assembly.

All projects are designed, specified and guaranteed by our UK team; with manufacturing optimised across our UK and Chinese facility according to your projects technical, budget and delivery requirements.

Cybertools reputation for providing complete and innovative solutions for the plastic injection industry, has established us as a key and trusted partner for companies large and small, locally and globally.

We believe in an honest and collaborative approach to business relationships with both employees and customers, creating an open dialogue within the company and with partners. This culture drives our team to continually innovate keeping us ahead of the curve in skill and knowledge; and has established long term relationships with customers, who consider us as more than just a supplier but an invaluable member of their team.

Whether utilising our design, toolmaking or manufacturing facility, our aim is to offer customers a comprehensive service from product conception through to the market place.

If you seek excellent care and attention to detail, then there is no better place to start your plastic injection project.

Cybertools in under 3 Minutes

Established in 1997, Cybertools has grown its business with purpose built facilities in both UK and China, offering customers maximum value and flexibility.

With an extremely skilled and focused workforce, which we believe has been the key to our success, the demand for our skills and full turnkey services quickly out grew our original factory.

Expanding our Buntingford headquarters, to 3 adjacent purpose built facilities, enabled us to provide dedicated premises for each of the services we provide, and the ability to call on all associated skills from one location.

Cybertools also realised a long time ago that establishing collaborative relationships with overseas suppliers would be key in adding further value and scope to our business. An extensive search and auditing process of 5 years, to find the right fit in terms of engineer expertise, specialised resources, production quality and flexible capacity, resulted in the formation of our China facility.

All projects are designed, specified and driven by our UK engineers and management teams, with site of manufacture according to technical, budget and delivery requirements. Sharing the shame ethos on design, engineering, quality and management systems, our teams work closely together at every stage to deliver the highest standard of plastic injection parts no matter the site of manufacture. Final inspection checks are completed by our UK team providing all projects with a UK warranty.

The combination of our UK and China facilities, and the benefits that brings our customers in quality, cost and delivery, is undoubtedly a recipe for Cybertools success both now and in the future.

Buntingford, Hertfordshire

Centrally located with good transport links: 15 miles from Stansted, 20 miles from Luton, 45 miles form Heathrow, and 45 mins from Central London by rail.

11,000 sq ft
Purpose built premises


Injection Moulding Machines
20% all electric


Lead Engineers +
Production Staff

Dongguan, China

2 hours from Hong Kong, 40 mins form Shehzen International Airport, and 2 hours from Guangzhou.

50,000 sq ft
Purpose built + climate controlled


Injection Moulding Machines
50% all electric

10 Designers
50 Engineers
60 Production Staff

Cybertools industry leading facilities manufacture more than 50 projects a year, generating over 100 mould tools, and producing 20 million plastic components.

Cybertools service and support over 200 customers in 8 countries, across a wide range of market sectors.



Security systems


Water management

Automotive Lighting


LED lighting



CEM Systems have worked with Cybertools for a number of years to design and manufacture the plastic mould cases for our key access control readers the s610 intelligent reader, the s610f biometric reader and the new emerald intelligent access terminal. Throughout our time working with them, Cybertools has provided consistent quality, excellent customer service and cost effective solutions to meet our growing business needs.

CEM Systems

Truck-Lite are delighted to have found Cybertools Ltd, a thoroughly professional company who understands our needs and are willing to react quickly to support us in our mass production facility. The tooling they have produced for us and the servicing and support we receive are second to none.
We would like to add a big thanks to all the support we have had with recent projects. We have had some challenging projects with regards to their timings so really appreciate the commitment Cybertools has made with us and I hope that they will continue to be a key partner in our future projects.


After tendering to several companies around the world, we eventually chose the Cybertools team to deliver a major redesign of our innovative reusable cup, marketed globally under the “pokito” brand. It was selling well but we needed to re-engineer the production and design to make it truly first class. After extensive design and material consultations, Cybertools made revisions that have literally revolutionised the way the cup is made and the quality of the final product. Manufacture is now a state-of-the-art, fully automated production cell, with integrated robotics, which has dramatically reduced our cycle time and improved its functionality. We couldn’t be happier with the final result and appreciate the care and intelligence that the Cybertools team applied to our project.

Pokito Collapsible Reusable Cup

Responsible manufacturing practices are incorporated in all that we do for a more sustainable future, both environmentally and economically.

In a growingly environment conscious world, it is our responsibility to be pro-active in ensuring manufacturing is performed in increasingly more efficient and environmentally viable ways.

Cybertools are committed to effective and impactful practices that support not only our own, but also our customers sustainability goals and environmental policies:

Operational practices strive to maximise the reuse and recycling of material resources – from plastics to packaging; and gives careful consideration to material selections and their carbon footprint.

New machine investment prioritises electrically powered equipment that delivers the same, if not better, production quality than older machine technology.

Detailed project planning optimises the production process for the most efficient use of materials, machine power, time and staff; and reducing unnecessary waste and transport requirements.

Our teams are educated and actively encouraged to think and work in an environmentally conscious manor in all that they do.

We hold our supply chain partners to same high standards, so every step and component of our process is as sustainable as possible.


If you seek excellent care and attention to detail, then there is no better place to start your plastic injection project.