We are always ready to talk design, at any stage of a project. Lets work together to bring your product to life!

We are always ready to talk design, at any stage of a project. Lets work together to bring your product to life!

Cybertools delivers innovative design informed by technical expertise

A successful moulded part begins with a tool correctly designed for the manufacturing process. Understanding the specific requirements and purpose of a plastic component, our design engineers work through every technical detail to simplify tooling, optimise mould flow, perfect polymer performance and minimise post-mould operations.

Years of ‘design for manufacture’ experience enables our engineers to predict potential issues and design innovative solutions that ease production and improve the final part functionality and aesthetics. It is this expertise that has built Cybertools reputation as problem solvers – we make challenging projects possible.

Involving our design engineers at the early stages of your project will result in more efficient production and ultimately cost savings. We see our role as an extension of your team, adding valuable insight to your product development.

VERO Software including VISI Mould and WORKNC

An integrated CAD/CAM software, VISI Mould provides a complete tool design solution based on industry specific and intelligent automation. Dynamic operation previews provide our designers with a ‘real time’ view of how component changes will affect the tool design.

Key features we utilise during the design process to optimise the performance of each tool are:

  • Mould Flow analysis
  • Draft angle visualisation
  • Multiple split line calculations
  • Core & cavity model separation
  • Dynamic 3D tool design
  • Customisable supplier catalogues
  • Intelligent component editing
  • Slides, lifters and flexible up & away units
  • 3D Collision with Collision checks

VISI can work directly with Parasolid, IGES, CATIA v4 & v5, Pro-E, UG, STEP, Solid Works, Solid Edge, ACIS, DXF, DWG, STL and VDA files.

WORKNC is a highly automated multi-axis CAM software for complex surface or solid models. It provides reliable, efficient, easy-to-program cutter paths, resulting in unmatched productivity and safety.