Contact our moulding team to see how we can improve production of your plastic injection moulded parts.

Contact our moulding team to see how we can improve production of your plastic injection moulded parts.

Maximising product performance with technically driven moulding

Cybertools approach to injection moulding is led by over 23 years of technical experience in achieving optimum performance from tool, machine and polymer material.

Our 35 plastic injection moulding machines are situated across our UK and China facilities. In the UK we have 7 machines ranging from 35t – 300t capacity and include industry leaders Romi, Negri-Bossi, Sumitomo Demag and Boy.

Operated by highly skilled mould technicians, Cybertools facilities offer customers efficient and cost effective mouldings to the highest quality standards, with 24/7 production schedules to ensure on time and on demand delivery.

Working closely with our preferred material handling partners Piovan and Sepro robotics, allows our technicians to optimise the production process to achieve consistent and accurate parts that are fit for purpose regardless of the selected engineering polymer.

Production lines undergo continuous QA protocols, and are supported by automation and press-side operations according to a projects requirements. Cybertools facilities work in partnership, sharing the same ethos and production management systems to provide our customers with UK led support and guarantees, and full PPAP for all projects.

Lets get technical!

Twin-shot / Overmoulding

Materials being delivered into the mould via our all electric Plasdan IU mounted on our ROMI Servo driven EN200t IMM, allowing differing characteristics to the fit and feel of a component.

This increases quality and reduces production time and removes post assembly requirements, enabling faster cycle times and reducing overall costs.

Insert Moulding

Producing a finished part by injected polymer around a preformed component (the insert). Typically inserts are Steel or Brass, for example threaded areas, this adds strength and durability to plastic parts whilst reducing second operational costs.