Wispa Lolite Vapourising Device

Premium herbal vapouriser
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Key Services Provided:
  • Consultative mould flow analysis
  • In-house mould tool design
  • Mould tool manufacture
  • Mould tool trial
  • Post trial mould tool development
  • Mould tool production schedule (6 months)
  • Complete units moulded in house: 35900
  • Project hand over service to production in Ireland

Cybertools Ltd, working closely with O&B and a design company in N. Ireland, was tasked with manufacturing of the tooling for the mkII of their already successful Lolite vapourising device.

There were significant changes made to the device’s operating system and visual design which would introduce comprehensive challenges when using the production material needed to minimise the heat transfers characteristics of the units vapourising system. The chosen material for the production was sabic’s Ultem 1010 which has excellent heat transfer properties.

The following summary highlights the key aspects of the project:

5 tools in the suite

12 week project design to mould tool trial

Production material spec: Sabic Ultem 1010

Colours: blended brown-orange-blue-green-maroon

Fully hard tooling designed for mass production

Moulds designed for production on 30t – 90t Boy injection moulding machines

Client Testimonial

We are absolutely delighted with these tools. To date they have produced tens of thousands of products in each colour with a perfect finish whilst being extremely accurate and consistent. We are particularly pleased with the pattern or grill tool, this is quite an intricate tool with very fine detail. When you consider the fact that the web that forms the detail on this pattern is 1.0mm wide and 3.0mm deep, being filled from four gates and ejected with 100 X 1.0mm ejector pins, it is quite remarkable that this tool has performed faultlessly from virtually the first shot.
Oglesby & Butler